The Challenge


TreaTech is addressing the global problem of waste management – A problem that is intensified by population growth and economic development. Today, there are ever-greater volumes of Liquid Waste, which in turn are inefficiently treated and negatively contribute to the pollution of our planet.

Within the current geopolitical climate, countries are striving for energy independence, and the effective valorization of Liquid Waste could make a significant contribution to energy independence by creating a local and sustainable supply of gas.

 If our solution would treat industrial and municipal liquid waste produced each year in the EU, 800 TWh of synthetic gas could be generated, which is equivalent to 47% of the EU annual imports from Russia.

Currently only incineration can effectively disintegrate viruses, bacteria and micropollutants (e.g. PFAS) from liquid waste. However, this disposal method results in the release of large amounts of CO2, and wastes large volumes of water via non-recovered steam further exasperating clean water scarcity. In addition, the energy is generated in the form of heat which cannot be stored when produced off-season and neither transported over long distances.


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TreaTech Solution


TreaTech is bringing to market an innovative technology for the valorisation of waste that will disrupt the waste treatment industry. Our patented process transforms waste into grid-ready methane-rich renewable gas, clean water and valuable minerals.




The Science behind the catalytic Hydrothermal Gasification





Our process is based on the catalytic hydrothermal gasification which, under supercritical conditions of water (T>374°C, p>221 bar), separates the minerals and organic fractions in the waste and gasifies the organics into methane-rich gas thanks to the presence of a catalyst. The inorganic fraction is extracted and can be further valorised as fertilisers.


Advantageous features of the technology



Compared to incineration, which is the most common disposal solution, for 3 times less space, TreaTech’s technology is able to recycle up to 99% of the waste value; and it emits up to 94% less CO2eq.

Clients’ validated feedstocks

The robustness of the technology allows us to treat a wide range of wastes from various sectors such as; chemical, food and beverage, municipal, agricultural and livestock among others. Validated feedstocks so far:


  • Plastic residues
  • Paint residues
  • Residue from monomer production

Food and Beverages

  • Molasses residue
  • Residue from gelatin production
  • Coffee grounds
  • Industrial biological sludge

Agricultural and Livestock

  • Non-digested agricultural waste
  • Digestate
  • Manure
  • Microalgae


  • Digested sludge
  • Non-digested sludge



From waste to value

Renewable gas

High quality gas containing up to 70% methane is the primary product that TreaTech’s process generates thanks to the removal of hazardous components such as sulfur. After an additional purification step the gas can be injected in the natural gas network or used directly as a source of energy. Alternatively, H2 can be co-injected in the process to produce a gas containing more than 90% of methane.


Clean water

TreaTech’s pressurized process removes viruses, bacteria, as well as micropollutants such as PFAS from the water it treats. This results in a 90% recovery of natural stream ready water relieving water scarcity as opposed to traditional wastewater treatment which doesn’t recover water.


Valuable minerals

Treatech’s process recovers valuable scarce minerals such as phosphates and ammonia that are present in Liquid Waste contributing to the circular economy and resulting in significant reductions to global emissions as these minerals no longer have to be mined.


Do you produce a waste that you wish to valorise instead of just disposing of it?

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