Revolutionising waste disposal by harnessing the power of the circular economy

TreaTech is disrupting the waste treatment industry by bringing to market an innovative technology that captures the full value of a broad range of end products including renewable gas, clean water, salts and minerals


Reduce your carbon footprint

Control your energy supply

Embrace circular solutions


We have developed patented technology that uses catalytic hydrothermal gasification (HTG) to convert a broad range of waste streams, that are usually incinerated, into reusable resources in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner. Our modular solution can be adapted to fit our customer’s existing on-site processes, immediately transforming their waste into valuable resources, such as grid-ready methane-rich renewable gas, clean water, as well as minerals including phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. These outputs can automatically be used by the business or sold onward as part of the circular economy.

We reduce the carbon footprint of the waste disposal process by eliminating any form of off-site transportation of waste. Our technology is also able to convert 99% of organic carbon of any waste product into pollutant-free, methane-rich gas. This gas can be used to power our waste treatment process in a circular way, and the remaining gas can be injected into the grid network, stored or used to power our customer’s other on-site industrial processes. All these actions replace the use of fossil fuels and therefore mitigate climate change. We also support the circular economy by recovering minerals that can be transformed into fertiliser, and clean water which can be re-used on- or off-site, making it a closed loop waste treatment solution.

TreaTech is bringing to market an innovative waste treatment technology that can capture the true value of waste products



Turn your waste into a value-add proposition

Our technology is able to treat a wide range of waste streams from various sectors, including several industrial and municipal waste outputs.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Food and Beverage

Agriculture and Livestock



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