Revolutionizing waste disposal

A sustainable and circular solution to transform waste into methane-rich renewable gas, clean water and valuable minerals

Control your energy supply

TreaTech’s process converts 99% of the organic carbon in the waste into pollutants-free and methane-rich gas increasing the energy independence of our customers.

Achieve your sustainability goals

The carbon footprint of our customer’s processes is reduced since our system produces gas from waste substituting the consumption of fossil gas which helps mitigating climate change. It also allows recovery of valuable nutrients, metals and clean water achieving circularity.

Valorise your waste faster

The technology transforms the waste within minutes and it is installed at the customer site avoiding transport of the waste.

We provide a clean solution that will allow your business to be energy-independent by treating the waste you generate

TreaTech is bringing to market an innovative technology for the valorisation of waste that will disrupt the waste treatment industry. Our system produces local, contaminant-free gas that is grid ready as well as clean water and valuable minerals.



Valorising Industrial and Municipal waste

Our technology treats both industrial and municipal waste sustainably and converts it into renewable energy, clean water, as well as recovers valuable minerals. The robustness of our technology allows us to treat a wide range of wastes from various sectors.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Food and Beverage

Agriculture and Livestock



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